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Operation Manager

To support the strategic focus for the Operational unit by providing strong leadership, direction, commercial focus and operational control aimed at substantially improving the bottom line.

- Profit Centre responsible for the operational unit
- Create a safe, enjoyable and rewarding place of work for our employees and exceptional value and service for our customers.
- As member of the Brugge management team to work towards delivery of the Brugge product offering to our clients.

To ensure that the Operational unit actions and targets support the regional and divisional strategy.

6. Principal Accountabilities

Bottom Line – Operational unit
- To drive improved financial business performance in line with targets and agreed business improvement programs.
- Preparation of budgets and estimates & monitor performance of the business by working with regional finance staff and by using P&L and job costing tools against forecasts.
- Identify and implement improvement and corrective actions to meet and improve business targets.

- Ensure all production costs and productivity levels are optimized by defining, maintaining and active review of KPIs.
- Identifying and implementing actions to improve costs and productivity.
- Ensure sufficient haulage capacity to fulfill Customer requirements
- Supplier negotiations and rate agreements.
- Ensure all operations are conducted in professional manner regarding safety and industry regulations.
- Support the planners to make sure the most economic & sufficient planning of the trailers has been made.
- Organizes the loading & unloading process of orders this in accordance with the needs of the customer and in the most favorable way.
- Makes sure there is enough capacity & shipment of the material.
- Takes care of a good administrative handling.
- Support with complaints or claims.
- Liaise & interact with other offices & departments to support the Group strategy
- Maintain overhead costs in line with business activity and seek to improve productivity by challenging current work methods, processes and practices, by leveraging technological opportunities & by identifying and implementing cross regional opportunities and best practices in the Business processes.

- Ensures that the equipment supplied meets the customers’ standards
- Maximize utilization of own equipment/resources
- Ensure we adhere to all applicable legislations (MOT, etc…)
- Make suggestions to replace/redeliver trailers

Sales – Customers
- With local management define Sales strategy in line with business development targets for the Operational unit.
- Be responsible for decisions in commercial matters relating to the Operational unit & work closely with Commercial staff to provide sufficient information to deliver sustainable business offerings to Customers and that pricing is in line with the provided services.
- Develops new business relations and strengthens existing ones through active relationship building thereby creating strong customer loyalty to the product and increasing market share.
- To create service level agreements with important customers and ensure a constant flow of communication with key customers to ensure constant care of their transportation requirements
- Give (optionally) sales rates & contact potential customers to expand the existing loading base
- Identify the specific demands/needs of customers; be market orientated

7. Quality
- Ensures that the company’s activities are in accordance with the legal requirements and the standards of BRC Storage & Distribution and be aware of the quality demands.
- Member of the HACCP team / Actively participation in the Management review meetings.

8. Staff
- To motivate, inspire, guide and coach staff towards turning out a performance that is beyond expectations – year after year.
- To ensure an attitude of constant care in the minds of all staff and to provide a motivating environment. To ensure that all staff have due regard to Health and Safety in their daily work.
- Constantly strive to improve quality of our staff by investing in training and development and by promptly addressing performance issue, all in cooperation with HR.
- Ensure that the business activity is managed professionally by close involvement with and leadership of the teams responsible for the delivery of our trades.
- Responsible of the holiday planning of the Operational unit personnel
- Performing annual appraisal meetings with every Operational unit personnel

9. Leadership
- Selecting & optimizing the team
- Clearly prioritizing and involving direct reports in setting objectives
- Delegating in order for direct reports to effectively dealing with their responsibilities
- Consistently coaching and developing direct reports personally and professionally
- Holding direct reports accountable for their performance

10. System knowledge
Being aware of & able to work with the planning/administration system & proposes improvements.

11. Safety/Health/Environment
- to ensure that the company’s activities are in accordance with its safety, health and environmental policy.
- To ensure that the company’s activities are in accordance with legal requirements
- To report accidents and incidents to the Managing Director
- To suggest improvements to safety, health and environmental matters
- To ensure the absenteeism will be controlled under your employees; guides, interviews, reporting.

12. General
- Takes initiative to react on time at any occasion
- Gives constant care on any area
- Gives constantly suggestions in relation to improvements/cost saving
- Report improvements to the Managing Director
- Represent the company at any occasion in a responsible way
- Discusses relevant business with the Managing Director; takes care all activities are executed within the settled directions while all rules are respected
- Contribute constantly to review / expand this job description


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