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UX Researcher with technical skills

Are you an experienced, analytical, and structured UX Researcher with a solid grasp on both qualitative and quantitative user research methodologies?
Do you have a deep interest in, and understanding of human behavior and cognitive patterns and know how to engage people?
Would you like to be part of both ‘getting your hands dirty’ arranging and carrying out user research, but also being a driving force in maturing the tech aspects of our user testing setup in collaboration with UX Designers, Architects, and Data & Analytics?

If you are nodding -  Great, we might have a match!

We are looking for someone who …

  • Has 2+ years of experience from a similar position
  • Has a stellar understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Appreciates working both ‘hands on’ in the field and on more big picture strategy
  • Is data literate and has a solid understanding of how to do technical setup of research tools
  • Is a team player who values collaboration and sparring 
  • Is able to take initiative and takes responsibility for getting things done 
  • Would feel at home in an informal and innovative workplace, where you are a big part of structuring what you work on yourself
  • Knows how to effectively communicate user insights to others
  • Is fluent in English, both written and spoken

Experience with tools such as Hotjar, Microsoft Clarity, Google Analytics, Segment and the like is a major plus, but if you are tech savvy and a quick learner that is fine too. We are somewhat technology agnostic and constantly optimize and include new tech if it serves our needs.


So who are we? DFDS is a 155-year-old integrated shipping and logistics company – the largest in Northern Europe – who also operate ferries for passengers. This means our customers are both B2B and B2C. Now 155 years old might sound a bit dusty, but we are a very modern, diverse, and innovative organization, that recognizes the value of UX, bases decisions on data, and supports UX into higher level strategy.

In DFDS you will be joining the over 350 people in the swanky new HQ in Copenhagen, who already enjoy a great and social workplace with a healthy work/life balance, where individuals are afforded a fairly great extent of flexibility and freedom, because we believe in people. Here you will have access to both a lovely cantine, café, game room, fitness facility and an ocean view you just can’t beat.

You will join the illustrious UX & Design Team in the ‘Customer Engagement’-Tribe of the ‘Technology & Innovation’-Department of DFDS. Here you will collaborate with skilled, and friendly international UX Designers, who are also distributed in respectively B2B and B2C Scrum developer teams, a talented UI Designer who develops and matures our Figma based designsystem Hydro, and a UX Team Lead who works strategically with upper management to make sure that UX is part of the process, who arranges UX days with among other things cross team UX reviews and knowledge sharing, for instance from courses we have participated in or UX related topics that we are passionate about.


The job 

In DFDS we want to level up our UX by eg. creating and maintaining a well oiled cross DFDS B2B and B2C segmented user panel, running automated System Usability Scale surveys, creating a format for getting relevant user insights from Customer Support, finding ways to connect the quantitative ‘what’ and ‘how’-data from our existing Data & Analytics team with qualitative ‘why’-user data, in order to super power DFDS user experience and product offerings. You might also have entirely different ideas for what an ambitious UX research setup with a solid balance between effort and outcome should include, and we would love nothing more than to hear it! 

This position is a new role. We are open to you also putting your own spin on what it involves and grows into. Just to be clear though, this is not a design job. We also have an open position for a UX Designer if that better fits your intrest and skill set.

In bullet points, your new job will include …

  • Collaborating with the UX Designers on what and how to test 
  • Recruiting B2B and B2C users 
  • Preparing and carrying out interviews, user test, and surveys 
  • Analyzing data and synthesizing relevant insights
  • Communicating insights to relevant people, both in the UX & Design team and to other stakeholders in DFDS
  • Taking responsibility for maturing and setting up overall UX research setup, in collaboration with Architects, Data & Analytics team, and of course the UX & Design team


Are we a match? Apply now!

Deadline for application is 14th of August, and the first of two rounds of interviews will likely be held in  mid August, so please share with us: 

  • Your resume of relevant experience
  • Either a link to a 1-2 minute long video (uploaded to eg. YouTube or Vimeo), where you briefly tell us about the last interview, user test or survey that you did. Just put the link to the video in the “Cover Letter”-field in our recruitement flow.
    A portfolio with a few cases where you have done some well thought out user research that  you would like to share. You can share a link in the “Cover Letter”-field or upload a file in the “Upload cover letter”-field in the recruitment flow.

Just to iterate this is not a design job, so video or portfolio does not need to be flashy.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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