DFDS provides shipping and transport services in Europe, generating annual revenues of EUR 1.8bn.

To over 8,000 freight customers, we deliver high performance and superior reliability through shipping & port terminal services, and transport & logistics solutions.

For six million passengers, we provide safe overnight and short sea ferry services.

Our 7,000 employees are located on ships and in offices across 20 countries. DFDS was founded in 1866, is headquartered in Copenhagen, and listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Position Title Department Region Language Posting Start Date Closing date Location
Agency Coordinator Land-Based Zuid-Holland English (UK) 2018-08-13 01/10/2018 Vlaardingen
Part Load Export Planner Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-08-13 31/08/2018 Immingham
Transport Planner Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-08-10 27/08/2018 Grimsby
Trailer Fitter Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-08-09 27/08/2018 Felixstowe
Receptionist Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-08-09 20/08/2018 Immingham
Forwarder to the Control Tower Land-Based English (UK) 2018-08-08 07/09/2018
Graphic Designer - Part time Land-Based English (UK) 2018-08-08 Copenhagen
Class 1 Driver - Warrington Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-08-08 20/08/2018 Warrington
Class 1 Driver - Peterborough Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-08-08 20/08/2018 Peterborough
Manager Sales Industry and Automotive Land-Based English (UK) 2018-08-07 06/09/2018 Gothenburg
Class 1 Driver - Immingham Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-08-07 20/08/2018 Immingham
Class 1 Driver - Wisbech Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-08-07 20/08/2018 Wisbech
Class 1 Driver - Chesterfield Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-08-03 20/08/2018 Chesterfield
Terminal Administrator Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-08-03 20/08/2018 Immingham
Global Social Media Manager Land-Based English (UK) 2018-08-01 Copenhagen
Office Assistent Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-30 19/08/2018 Vlaardingen
Conversion Marketing Specialist Germany English (UK) 2018-07-24 31/08/2018 Hamburg
Pricing Analyst Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-24 Copenhagen
Operations Manager Land-Based Scotland English (UK) 2018-07-24 22/08/2018 Aberdeen
Travel Care Advisor Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-23 Copenhagen
Integration Developer Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-23 Copenhagen
Business Partner Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-20 31/08/2018 Göteborg, Arendal
Contact Centre medewerker Land-Based Noord-Holland English (UK) 2018-07-20 31/08/2018 IJmuiden
Customs Agent Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-19 30/09/2018 Ghent
Strategic Account Manager Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-16 Copenhagen
Operations Manager Customs Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-12 31/08/2018 Arendal
Customs Forwarder Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-05 31/08/2018 Arendal
Software Developer Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-04 Copenhagen
Sales Manager Customs Land-Based English (UK) 2018-07-03 31/08/2018 Arendal
UK Graduate Programme for DFDS Logistics Land-Based England English (UK) 2018-06-15 31/08/2018 UK
Treasury Manager Land-Based English (UK) 2018-06-13 31/08/2018 Copenhagen
Category Manager Travel Retail Land-Based Noord-Holland English (UK) 2018-06-01 30/08/2018 Ijmuiden, Holland
Casual Car Driver Land-Based English (UK) 2018-05-02 31/08/2018 Immingham
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